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The Callicoma Walk, opened by the then mayor of Hornsby Shire, Councillor Mick Gallagher, on 9 April 1995, is one of the best-marked walks in the Park. Most of it is in the bush, with a final stretch through the streets of Cherrybrook. It is well signposted, and includes ten points of interest marked along the way by short green posts. These have been used as the subheadings of this description.

2: Callicoma Walk
Cherrybrook circuit


This is a circular walk from the Lakes Reserve in Cherrybrook, occasionally touching the street system.


5 km




About 3 hours


Single car, or bus

Track status

Clearly defined. Official track, fire trail, public roads

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The walk starts at the Lakes Reserve at the corner of Shepherds and Macquarie Drives in the Greenway Estate, Cherrybrook.

Take the pedestrian underpass under Macquarie Drive and enter the narrow strip of bush between the Cherrybrook Girl Guides hall and the cree. Follow the track signposts and cross the creek on ten concrete stepping cylinders.

Marker 2. Disturbed creek

The walk leaves the fire trail, forking to the right and climbs out of the valley to a partly-sealed fire trail, fork left after about 50 m and so downhill towards the Jungo.

Marker 3. Sandstone ridge

Half an hour after starting, the main Benowie Track, part of the Great North Walk joins the route from the left. Proceed straight on, down the concrete fire trail to the creek.

The Jungo to the stepping stones
Marker 4. The Jungo


Take the fire trail to the right and follow the Boundary Road branch of the Great North Walk up the slope westwards. The walking track goes straight on rising steadily then descends by a flight of 25 log steps back to the creek bank and  a narrow single-person metal bridge.

Metal bridge
Callicoma Walk Marker 5

Proceed until you cross Nyrippin Creek by means of log steps and five vertical concrete cylindrical stepping stones.


Stepping stones to Francis Greenway trackhead

Take the right-hand fork (leaving Walk 1: Jungo, which goes straight ahead), following the Great North Walk sign.

Marker 6. Cave

This is a massive unsupported overhang with golden sculpted and layered interior. Next, a third rock overhang, about 15 m long, shelters the path.

Marker 7. Rock

The path descends from the sandstone uplands. It crosses a tributary watercourse to the main Nyrippin Creek.  Soon you come to an  8 m high black waterfall rock face on the left beside the track, behind a constructed sandstone torrent calming wall. Look for  the Callicoma walk to the right to Marker 8.

Marker 8. Coachwood grotto

A short side track to the right leads down into a shady glade free of undergrowth. Soon after, pass local government work to preserve the bushland in the face of urban effects.

Marker 9. Callicoma and Coachwood

 At sewer lid 22 the track doubles back on itself, where an unofficial path on the left leads to Boundary Road. The main track crosses the broad exposed sandstone creek bed on stepping cylinders, just below which is a pool and the waterfall cascade heard earlier.

Marker 10. Blackbutt and Red Gum forest

The final bush stretch soon  joins a fire trail that leads to a small park and Francis Greenway Drive.

Francis Greenway trackhead back to the Lakes

The rest of the walk is mainly through suburban streets, as far as possible traffic-free, back to the starting point.

  1. Proceed straight across Francis Greenway Drive at the roundabout, into Macquarie Drive.
  2. Turn first left into Gumnut Road.
  3. Avoid taking the Holly Road cul-de-sac after passing a large estate on the right; enter the park with play equipment on the other side of Holly Road.
  4. At the end of the park turn right into Tallowwood Avenue.
  5. Take the second left into Ivy Place cul-de-sac.
  6. Take the concrete path in the turning circle, between the houses on the right, to Rossian Place
  7. Cross Rossian Place into Glentrees Place and turn left at the T-junction with Kenburn Avenue.
  8. After 75 m turn right into the top end of the Lakes Reserve.
  9. Cross the creek by a timber bridge at the top of the upper pond. This lake is linked to the larger lower pond by a cascade.
  10. Cross the lake by a second timber bridge to return to the start of the walk.



Lakes of Cherrybrook were landscaped in the 1980s by Jim Mitchell, then a Trustee of the Elouera Natural Bushland Park, as part of an adjoining commercial medium density residential development.


bvrp-cmyk-psilotum nudum-vert4TN

The primitive Skeleton Fork Fern Psilotum nudum has been reported on this walk.



The Lesser Flannel Flower Actinotus minor carpets many areas of the Park like a profuse ground cover, but the flower is so small that many passers-by would not realise those tiny white “daisies” are actually a flannel flower.



Twining Guinea Flower Hibbertia dentata



Black Wattle Callicoma serratifolia


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